Vinyl Word Art

What is it?

Click here to view slideshows of our vinyl word art designs!Vinyl lettering is the latest trend in home decor! Vinyl is an easy-to-remove, self-adhesive film that can be hung most anywhere — at home, in places of worship, at the office, on the car, or in the school. Vinyl can be hung not only on walls, but placed on refrigerators, windows, doors, cabinets, shelves, lockers, cars, books, tiles, smooth metal, plastic, the glass in your favorite photo frames, and on limitless other surfaces that personalize your living space.

Vinyl creatively transforms your favorite quotes, scriptures, thoughts, and sayings into wall art that looks professionally hand-painted and applied without the time, cost, and mess.The pre-spaced, one-time-use letters and images, cut to perfection through computer technology, press onto any smooth surface and stay there until easily removed.


Vinyl Color Swatches

Vinyl?lettering can be created in either a matte and shiny finish … we personally prefer the matte finish because it looks a little more elegant in home decor.? Also, the matte finish lends a warmer feeling to the room. There are about 45 colors of the Oracal 631 Exhibition Cal?matte vinyl that look absolutely gorgeous! You will notice that the Silver, Gold, and Copper vinyl have a satin finish, which means that it has a more velvety appearance. It?offers a more subtle look, and looks absolutely stunning on glass and mirrors.

As for exterior vinyl, we recommend the Oracal 751 High Performance Cast vinyl, which is also available in the same colors. Most of the exterior vinyl?has a?glossy finish, which is perfectly fine for outdoor work.

Vinyl Design Galleries

Click here to view slideshows of our vinyl designs!

We have divided?our?pre-made vinyl designs into categories for easy viewing. You may wish to have a paper and pen?nearby to write down your favorite?design numbers as the slideshow plays. Then, when you order, just let us know your preferred?size and color. It’s a lot of fun!? Enjoy!